If you afford it, you should not hesitate to buy a luxury watch. It is definitely a valuable object and a long-term investment that will grow its value over time. The quality at extremely high standards is the next reason that could make the investment in luxury watches a very good one.

Here are the best real gold watches for men who want to add a flash of gold to every outfit.

1. Rolex Yacht Master II – 18k Yellow Gold Men’s Watch
The Rolex Yachtmaster II is the perfect watch. It is an ingenious, refined and irreplaceable combination of quality, functionality and design.

Rolex Yachtmaster II model 116688  is part of the Yachtmaster II series, along with 116680, 116681 and 116689 models as a gift to men who are fond of walks on the Yacht.

Rolex Yacht Master review

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Men's 18K Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II

Rolex Yacht-Master II is a complex watch, with a proper purpose-built concept behind it.

Every Rolex watch has its own use and benefits; their uniqueness keeps them apart from other models. Yachtmaster is big and heavy watch so, if you want some load on your wrist which always reminds you your journey and time so go ahead and get it now. The Rolex Yachtmaster II has a programmable fly back regatta timer which allows you to select countdown between one to ten minutes.
Since Rolex has created the Yachtmaster II 116688 model specifically for yacht racing participants, the waterproof feature is a very important one. Triplock innovative system was patented due to its waterproof quality and was originally noticed in diving watches in 1970. The waterproof crown seals the Oyster case and keeps the watch safe from possible risks. The timer function becomes useful both in sports actions, as well as in everyday life.

The feedback from the people who have put this watch to use has been very beneficial to the creation of the current model (i.e, YachtMaster II) such an extent that nothing seems not to be satisfying the current crop of customers. Their reviews are positive, and they said it’s an honor for them to wear such a fantastic watch on their wrist. Someone who loves collecting watches must have a YachtMaster in their collection.


From a technical point of view, Yachtmaster II with automatic motion is a royal and technological wonder. It is an exceptional hand accessory, one of the most attractive watches ever.

As you’ve seen, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is a complex watch, with a proper purpose-built concept behind it. Rolex Yacht master II will be your best choice if you’re planning to go for a formal event tonight. As people see you coming in they will know in a split second that you’ve got Rolex on your wrist, the beauty of it is inevitable. Make it the cherry on your cake and have the best experience of elegance and class with this stunning watch.

2. Ulysse Nardin El Toro Men's Rose Gold Watch

El Toro 18K red gold is a watch with intense presence, ideal for day to day use. Model with a perpetual calendar and easy to use, El Toro also has dual-time function and an automatic mechanism. Available in limited edition – only 500 copies worldwide.

Ulysse Nardin El Toro Gold Watch

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Ulysse Nardin El Toro Men's Rose Gold Watch

Design and case

Ulysse Nardin El Toro can be noticed thanks to a robust 18 K gold rose with a diameter of 43mm. Both the rear window and the buttons are made of high quality ceramics.

The black dial looks a little too crowded at first sight, but in a way this highlights its bold design and striking beauty. All the details fit naturally and evenly. Also on the dial we find the classical pointers, this time oversized and a little skeletoned, with light details to the top. The watch shows the day and the hour, the seconds and the year. The dial has some golden accents, and in the middle we find the name of the brand and a small symbol of an anchor.

The 24-hour black ceramic shutter features beautiful finishes with golden engraved numbers, a sunshine which displays 12 o’clock and one of the moon showing midnight. The construction structure is ideal for those who track time on two time zones. The independent time zone pointer can be set back or forth by pressing the ceramic buttons on the case panel.

Mechanism and motion

El Toro breathes based on a UN-32 Calibre mechanism, a patented, automatic fast moving feature for all perpetual calendar features with hometime and dualtime system. It has a reserve of about 45 hours when fully loaded. The fact that the watch has such a reserve is also guaranteed by the white gold rotor. The gauge with precious details is fully visible through the rear case display. The model can resist at a depth of 100 meters under water.


El Toro comes equipped with a black leather strap, elegant and casual likewise. The material is very soft, lightweight, flexible and comfortable for the wrist.

If you are looking for a stylish or casual perpetual watch with a dual time function, no other model can compete with El Toro signed by Ulysse Nardin. Strong as a bull in the arena, it fits perfectly with those who want a special accessory for their wrists.

3. Rolex sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT 18kt Yellow Gold
The sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT Watch 326938CAO from Rolex is an exceptional beauty and is one of the most terrific and amazing looking watches from Rolex.

The watch is highly eye-catching because of its yellow gold.  The watch also packs a lot of features with it, it also has some advantages and also some disadvantages as every product has its own disadvantages no matter how amazing the product is. In this review you will understand everything about the watch so planning to purchase it then have a read.

rolex 18kt yellow gold

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Rolex sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT 18kt Yellow Gold

Rolex sky Dweller is a complex watch, with a proper purpose-built concept behind it.

The first thing to be noticed in the watch itself is its 18k yellow gold the dial as well as bracelet are covered with it. It has a very fine oyster bracelet of terrific quality, its 18k yellow gold bezel also rotate as it is a ring command bezel. It has a very good quality of champagne dial with yellow hands and has numeral Arabic hour markers which give the watch even more nice look and it also have minute markers around its outer sim which is also a very cool feature of thewatch.


If we talk about the benefits of the watch itself, they are in vast amount, the watch has many benefits as it is of Rolex so don’t worry about the watch quality and the benefits of the watch. The analogue SAROS dial is used in this watch which is quite rare and is used only in few watches, so it is also a unique masterpiece. It has a 24 hours GMT and a sub-dial at its 6 o’clock position. It has C.O.S.C movement, which is also rare, so don’t worry about the benefits of the watch it comes with so many benefits.


Now if we talk about features of the watch then those are also in a vast quality, there many features of the watch that should be discussed and those includes that this watch is scratch resistant, yes, it is scratch resistant and it can not be scratched so you don’t need worry about that, so if you are a rough user of the watches you don’t have to worry about scratches at all.

It also has a very fine quality screw down crown which increases the beauty of the watch itself, it also has solid case back so if you are a guy who drops watches so often so you don’t need to worry about that if you have this solid watch. It has a case diameter of 42mm and it has a very fine round shape dial which looks so amazing and enhance the beauty of the watch.

It can also show GMT second time zone and it also shows date and month. This watch also has some mind blowing special features like it also supports pc calling and microphone which makes it even more unique from other watches out there. The width of the band itself is 20mm and the total weight of the watch itself is 15.84 ounces as you can see it is on a lighter side so this watch does not feel heavy on your wrist at all.


So the final and honest thoughts about this watch are that as it is a Swiss watch is has vast amount of benefits and the watch comes with many amazing features and the watch also is eye catching, but it also have some flaws but overall the watch is amazing.

4. Patek Philippe Nautilus 40mm Rose Gold Men’s Watch
Patek Philippe is one of the luxurious watch that compliments the personality of a gentleman.

Patek Philippe is one of the luxurious watch that compliments the personality of a gentleman. The combination of colors and the style adds to the class of men. Thus, the rose gold features in contrast with gradient black makes it unique.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus 40mm Rose Gold Men's Watch

Rolex Men's Submariner is a complex watch, with a proper purpose-built concept behind it.


The watch comes with a 40.5mm 18K rose gold case that is engraved with sapphire precious stone back. The black gradient slope dial with gold connected hour markers with luminescent covering is to highlight the time, especially when you wear it in any evening or night parties. Moreover, the movement is self-winding Caliber CH 28-520 C development with date, chronograph, an hour long and 12-hour monocounter at 6 o’clock, sweep seconds hand which is chronograph hand, around 45-55 hours of intensity hold.

One of the most interesting elements of wearing a Nautilus is the bracelet. Surprisingly thin and comfortable, the bracelet has a very unique style of finishing as well as an uncommon deployant clasp style which is designed to be relatively flush with the rest of the bracelet.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Gold Watch

The 18K rose gold bracelet Nautilus is designed with fold-over-clasp to offer comfortability to the users. It is water-proof and is water resistant up to 120 meters. Amazon.com provides free insured overnight shipping to cater the customers with the premium service as the watch itself is very special too. The watch comes in a completely package with Patek Philippe box and the papers. So, there is no chance to be suspicious about the originality of the watch.

Case detailing is very good, in line with Patek Philippe expectations. That, naturally, means excellent finishing and polishing throughout. In fact, one of the principle benefits of the Patek Philippe Nautilus is the excellent contrast polishing which allows you to appreciate the details of the case.

The movement:

The movement is automatic as the methods by which a watch keeps time, and regularly incorporates the power source. For instance, a watch with mechanical development utilizes a turning balance wheel fueled by a firmly twisted spring. A watch with quartz development estimates the vibrations in a piece of quartz and is frequently controlled by a battery. The shape is cushion to give a smart look and compliment the formal outlook. Whereas, display type is analog.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Movement

Inside the Patek Philippe Nautilus is the in-house made caliber 324 S C automatic mechanical movement that is produced from 213 parts and just 3.3mm thick. The movement operates at 4Hz and has a maximum of 45 hours of power reserve. While still basic, the movement has a very high level of finishing along the lines of what you should expect from a Patek Philippe.


The watch shows the date of the month and the period of the moon. It also shows the date of the month and the year. The watch shows the day of the week and the date of the month, so you can keep yourself on the track and updated with everyday’ s work.


Patek Philippe is a brand mostly known for its immaculately conservative mechanical timepieces that hearken to the past as well as high auction results.The watch is quite expensive, for which a potential buyer should do a detail research to invest a huge amount on it.

5. Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch

Retrograde Unique Piece Limited Edition Watch – 46mm 18K White Gold Watch with Blue Face 48 Diamond Constellation

Graham The Moon Mens Flying-Tourbillon Moon-Retrograde Unique Piece Limited Edition Watch.The blue leather watch compliments the luxury personality of a man. The watch add the elegance and style to your personality.

graham moon mens watch

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Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch

Graham The Moon Mens Flying-Tourbillon Moon-Retrograde Unique Piece Limited Edition Watch.


The polished 18k white gold case with 46 mm in width and 17 mm thick, attached with 68 blue roll precious stones set on the bezel. The sapphire gem case-back with hand-engraved sequential number looks stunning. The blue dial has 18k white gold skeleton hands with constellation of 48 precious stones dissipated around the dial (0.24 cts). The Manual Flying Tourbillon carriage shows at the 6 o’clock position with a little seconds sign.

It has hand-painted moon that follows Moon retrograde with accuracy of 122 years, Moon returns in reverse to zero toward the finish of its cycle on each 29 day for 12 hours and 44 minutes. The material of the watch is scratch safe with anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal. The crown is decorated with sapphire stone.

The Swiss manual breeze high exactness mechanical development with Haute Horlogerie completing, Caliber G1769, 21’600 A/h (3Hz), incabloc safeguard, 29 gems and power hold of 96 hours. The watch is water-proof with the resistance of up to 30 meters as the strap is hand-sewn blue alligator leather. The 18k white gold push button buckle complements the blue strap that fits up to a 10inch wrist.

Graham The Moon Watch

Geo.Graham The Moon is a history making celestial representation. Its name pays tribute to the Graham tradition and heritage descending from George Graham who engraved his signature on each of his exclusive creations since 1695.

It is a truly unique watch that combines a flying tourbillon with a high-precision retrograde moon- phase perpetual function, the cycle being calculated on the Moon’s exact synodic period for a duration of 122 years. At the end of each synodic period, the retrograde mechanism ensures that the Moon jumps back to the beginning of a new moon-phase cycle.Big in appearance, our Moon only weights 0.07 grams and is hand-painted by local craftsmen in Le Locle. To avoid any damage on the lunar disc and attenuate the retrograde fall, a double absorber system has been developed exclusively for GRAHAM by Christophe Claret in Locle.


Manual Flying Tourbillon, Moon retrograde with precision of 122 years
Hours, minutes, seconds


G1769, high precision mechanical movement with Haute Horlogerie finishing, Moon retrograde Tourbillon (moon returns backwards to zero at the end of its cycle every29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes), 21’600 A/h (3Hz), Incabloc shock absorber 29 jewels

Graham The Moon Mens Watch

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Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch

Graham The Moon Mens Flying-Tourbillon Moon-Retrograde Unique Piece Limited Edition Watch.


46 mm pink gold (18K) case with faceted horns
Pink gold (18K) right hand control crown decorated with a sapphire stone
68 diamonds sticks (6.12 cts) close set bezel
Domed sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating on both faces
See-through sapphire crystal case back with serial number hand-engraved
Watch Bracelet / Strap Material: Blue Alligator Leather
Water resistance: 100 feet / 30 m


Blue dial with constellation of 48 diamonds (~0.24 cts) Hand-painted moon
white gold (18k)


Our movement is coated in blue and adorned with constellations of 45 diamonds (0.24 cts) (flange collar: 11 diamonds, dial: 34 diamonds) such as Camelopardalis, Perseus, Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and at the centre becoming the North Star’s position.

Graham Geo Watch

To magnify the moon phase, the white gold (18K) case with faceted horns is crowned with a Milky Way sapphire painted bezel. It offers you a unique view of the universe through a refracting telescope.

Geo.Graham The Moon is the ultimate representation of the association of astronomy and extraordinary watch making. It pays tribute to the early 18th century which saw the creation of new measurement instruments by George Graham for his friend Edmond Halley and the Greenwich Royal Observatory in London.

Dial Window Type:

The covering of the watch dial is with acrylic, mineral, and sapphire are the three sorts of precious stones usually utilized in watches. Acrylic precious stone is a cheap plastic that enables shallow scratches to be buffed out. Mineral precious stone is made out of a few components that are warm treated to make an uncommon hardness that helps oppose scratches. Sapphire is the most costly and tough precious stone, that estimates to three times harder than mineral gems and twenty times harder than acrylic gems.


Graham is a contemporary watch brand dedicated to mechanical wristwatches. Design, function and finish are hallmarks of this luxury brand. Its collections include the Chronofighter, Swordfish and Silverstone lines.

However, paying a huge amount for a watch should be worth it. Renewal, mystery, intuition, wonder, balance, fertility; this is what the Moon refers to. Combined with our rich heritage it is also what will exude the Geo.Graham and its constellations of diamonds.