How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are among the most faked goods because they are easy to sell, have a small size and are basically jewelry.And the desire to stand out is important: there are always people who want to wear a TAG Heuer, but they do not want to spend too much money on it.

One thing is worth mentioning when talking about fake watches: there are no quality items, especially in the case of luxury watches, whether they are for men or women. No matter how well they are made, these watches will never rise to the original standards due to the materials used and the high precision mechanisms that are impossible to copy.

recognize a fake watch

No matter how well they are made, no fake watch can withstand careful scrutiny. Here’s how you can detect if your watch is a fake:

6 signs that your watch is a fake

1. Clock ticking

One of the most noticeable details when it comes to a fake watch is its ticking. An original watch, even analogue, will not emit any sound, because its mechanism is made of countless pieces which are perfectly combined, while the fake watches are assembled with parts made of materials and poor quality equipment.

2. Obvious mistakes

Another visible detail that tells you that you have a fake watch represent the obvious mistakes: a missing letter in the name of the brand (a “Fosil” watch is certainly fake), bad design elements, scratches or weakened straps. A watch manufacturing company which respects itself will never put a defective watch on sale.

3. Poor engraving quality

Brand watches are manufactured under the supervision of experienced watchmakers and the equipment they use for engraving is the best. If the engraved items – on the back of the watch or on the strap – are indecipherable or if the letters and figures have a lower quality finish, the watch is fake.

4. The weight of the watch

You can discover a fake watch based on its weight. The fake watches only have to LOOK LIKE the original, they almost never have the complex mechanism of an original watch, so they are generally lighter.
Secondly, the pieces of a brand watch are more numerous and are made of quality materials, which gives weight to an original watch.

5. Accompanying documents

Quality watches always come with a set of documents, the most important of which is the certificate of originality, the warranty and the user manual. Make sure these are in the watch box.
Original watches will always have holograms on the documents that certify their originality. Make sure you check the quality of the print and the paper they are printed on: fake documents are always of inferior quality.

6. Technical issues

All the components of an original, brand watch have a well established role: nothing is useless in the clock gear so if you find that one of the buttons or a dial does not work, you probably bought a fake watch.
Similarly, if you bought a watch that is constantly behind, it means that the mechanism is faulty or of poor quality, a new sign that the watch is fake. Brand watches use patented and verified mechanisms, unlike the Chinese mechanisms used in fake watches.
How to avoid buying a fake watch

Always purchase from an authorized distributor. Even if you found the same model on a website, always choose trusted distributors.

Check the watch series on the manufacturer’s website. Most luxury watch designers offer customers the opportunity to check, by a simple phone call or e-mail, whether the watch they bought is an original one.

Which are the most faked watch brands

There is a real industry dedicated to fake watches, and among the most faked brands are mainly models for men from the Rolex and Audemars Piguet brands. The reason they are so hunted is also related to the world of celebrities: many watches have been made famous by rappers or actors. Here’s a list of most faked watches.

Audemars Piguet
Calvin Klein

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