PATEK Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

PATEK Philippe grand complicated watch is a huge masterpiece in the segment of watches, it also comes with the calendar chronographer and the watch itself is of utmost quality. This Swiss watch will be your best addition to your watch collection as it is a watch that looks classic among all other Swiss watches. Watch comes with the finest quality alligator strap which even makes it more classier. This Swiss watch can suits you on any outfit, and the strap itself is skin friendly as it is soft and comfortable to wear.

PATEK Philippe Grand Complications

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PATEK Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph


PATEK Philippe Grand Complications with Calendar Chronograph (3970J) manual-wind watch Is a finest addition to the Swiss watches, this 36mm watch has 18k yellow gold casing which looks terrific and makes it even more classier and elegant. This gold casing on it also gives the watch a good premium feel. The 18k yellow gold case itself is surrounded by silver dial with black alligator strap. The watch also has CALATRAVA Cross DEPLOYANT buckle of finest and premium quality and gives a watch a very elegant look and feel.

The watch is certified and pre owned in a brand new condition. The watch itself does not need any mechanical services and it keeps time according to the manufacturers specifications. Since the year 1839 PATEK Philippe without any interruption has been the tradition of Genevan watchmaking and has earned a lot of respect. He always did enjoyed total creative freedom to entirely design produce and it assembles exactly what experts agree to the finest timepiece in this entire world. Thanks to its very exceptional known that how PATEK Philippe maintains a very good tradition of Innovation. The major and most important of his collection includes ladies twenty-4 and CALATRAVA Nautilus Aquanaut Gondola Golden Ellipse.

This watch has vast amount of benefits, it is a great masterpiece that looks amazing and classic in any outfit, it is made up if very fine quality materials and apart from being classic it also look very premium as it has a 18k yellow gold case with an amazing combination of silver dial, and apart from that the black alligator strap gives the watch even more premium feel and look. It is a alligator strap you might be thinking that it will be very hard but don’t worry at all, the band is very soft and skin friendly which is easy to wear.

PATEK Philippe Gold

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PATEK Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

The watch also have vast amount of functions in it like it has leap year indicator moon phase, it also shows day date and month and hours minutes and small seconds. The very amazing thing about this watch is that it comes up with a 15 months of official warranty and its box is wooden made premium box which looks amazing. The back if the watch is transparent so you can see every mechanism working inside the watch which looks even more practical and classis.


PATEK Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph (3970J) has also have an amazing manual wind feature that is quite very classic and helpful. It comes with a very beautiful round shape. The watch also have a very good quality deployment-clasp which makes watch looks even more elegant. It has a Swiss automatic movement which is a very nice and elegant feature of the watch.

Advantages and disadvantages

This automatic Swiss movement is only on some watches of Swiss collection, so it is also a unique watch too. So are you a swimmer and likes swimming everyday and also want to wear your this amazing Swiss watch but afraid of damaging it? Then don’t worry because this watch comes with 15 months warranty plus this watch is 30mm waters resistance, yes 30mm, means you can take it to a deep swim too and it will definitely survive.

So, as you saw that the watch itself has vast about if advantages and it is an extremely beautiful masterpiece from PATEK Philippe but note this that every thing has its disadvantages does not matter how amazing the thing is everything has some flaws, so this watch had some disadvantages or some flaws. The watch dial itself is extremely beautiful with 18k yellow gold but the only flaw in that dial is that it can get scratched not easily but it can, so you should take care of it, not to put your watch on any rough surface that scratched the watch.

The watch itself can also get some dents so you should also care of that. The watch strap is very beautiful allegator strap and it looks very classic but the only disadvantage of that strap is that it attracts dirt and it can get dirty very quickly and removing dirt from that strap is not a easy deal.

PATEK Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

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PATEK Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Customers satisfaction

For every item if the customers are not happy from that item then that item is not a successful item. For this watch fortunately almost every customer of this watch is happy after purchasing it, the quality of this watch satisfies almost every customer of this watch out there, there are only few customers of this watch which are not satisfied with the watch because of some disadvantages of the watch which are already discussed. Because of some those disadvantages the few customers are not happy with the watch but 95% of customers are happy with the quality of the watch.


So the final thoughts about this masterpiece will be of course positive, the watch is if very finest quality and classic and the watch itself is also eye catching means it is also attractive. It is skin friendly means you can wear it for a long time or for a whole day, you’ll not get uncomfortable with it. So apart from some disadvantages the watch is truly a masterpiece.

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