Patek Philippe Grand Complications Mens Watch

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Mechanical (Automatic) Blue Dial Mens Watch 5102G-001 (Certified Pre-Owned)

Every man deserves to treat himself with such a stylish and advanced watch to reflect the personality. Patek Phillipe Grand watch adds a glamour to a man’s personality when he attends an evening or night party.

Patek Philippe Mens Watch

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Patek Philippe Grand Complications Mens Watch


Patek Philippe Grand Complications Celestial is a self-winding programmed watch that includes a 43mm 18k white gold case encompassing a blue dial on a black alligator belt with a 18k white gold tang fold-in-clasp. The features incorporate hours minutes moon stage and astronomic showcase.
This watch is Certified Pre-Owned in New or Like New condition. The used watch may demonstrate unobtrusive scratches. The case may display no imprints or dings and the bracelet may indicate little wear or stretch.

The watch keeps time as indicated by maker’s specifications and needs no mechanical administration. So, the wearer is not required to adjust the time each day. The watch comes with a stylish box to keep your watch safe from unnecessary scratches and dust. Manufacturer of the watch guarantees 15-months warranty. So, if your watch stops working, you can get it fixed without any additional cost.


The watch has automated self-wind movement by which a watch keeps time, and regularly incorporates the power source. For instance, a watch with mechanical development utilizes a turning balance wheel controlled by a firmly twisted spring. A watch with quartz development estimates the vibrations in a bit of quartz and is regularly controlled by a battery.

Patek Philippe Grand Complication


The watch is programmed to automatically adjust the date of the month for the varying lengths of months as well as leap years to the year 2100.

Setting the Moon and the Sky

The moon is set by pulling the crown situated at 4 o’clock and by turning it clockwise. By turning the crown, position the full Moon facing the letter “S” (an arrow-shaped index under the moon will help you position it accurately). This may require up to 28 revolutions! In the program, the first line entitled “Moon phase Revolution” will indicate how many revolutions of the dial the Moon has yet to complete before its phase will match the current date. (For example, if it is number “5”, you will need to make the Moon index go by the letter “S” 5 times).

Moon phase

In order to set the Moon phase according to the exact time, you will need to wind the same crown, in the same direction, until the Moon index covers x large and y small graduations on the bezel scale. (Indicated in the program by “Moon – large” and “Moon – small”).

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Mens Watch


The watch has a case diameter of 43mm with white gold case material. It is designed to be water-resistant that can hold water up to 30 meters. So, you need not to be worried when it suddenly starts drizzling as your watch is safe.


Since 1839 without interruption, Patek Philippe has been perpetuating the tradition of Genevan watchmaking. As the last family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva, Patek Philippe enjoys total creative freedom to entirely design, produce and assemble what experts agree to be the finest timepieces in the world – following the vision of its founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe.

Thanks to its exceptional know-how, Patek Philippe maintains a tradition of innovation hailed by an impressive repertoire of more than 80 patents. The major Patek Philippe collections include the Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut, Gondolo, Golden Ellipse, and the ladies Twenty-4.


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Patek Philippe Grand Complications Mens Watch

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